Tuesday, 8 April 2008

An update!

Hi everyone!

Things are starting to get back to normal here so I thought I would give you an update......

...............I am preparing two lists:

The first, and most important, a list of those who have yet to receive anything from their partner...............and I will set about making sure they receive a package of goodies as soon as possible.

Thank you very much all of those kind souls who have offered to be angels. If I can I would like to angel as many packages as possible as I was the one who started the swap but if that is not possible your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

The second list is of all of those who flaked out - didn't bother to send anything to their partner but in many cases received a lovely package themselves..............they will be banned from all further activity and swaps. And other swap organisers read this blog and email me so I will be able to let them know who flaked out in this case.

I have ordered some yarn to dye up especially for those yet to receive anything and I am aiming to make it an extra special batch! Will keep you posted.


happylady said...


My swap partner received a very nice package from me, yet she only sent one skein of yarn to her partner. I consider that the same as a no-send. If they can't follow the swap rules, they don't need in the swap.

Luanda said...

This was an oversight on my part. I explained this to her and I sent another package to recompense for it. I misread the swap guidelines and I fixed it when it was brought to my attention. I apologized to her. If you choose not to include me again in the swap then so be it. I did not intentionally do this and either way I sent alot of other things and notions that was not mentioned. Again I apologized.