Friday, 29 February 2008


Who's the lucky winner of the pink/green yarn? Too many good names to choose from.......

Package Received

YAY! I LOVE everything. There are treats for me, and for the dog.

Some lovely yarns, a set of DPNs,gift tags for hand knits, a cool sock book, a project bag!!, and adorable knitted slippers that are keeping my feet toasty warm.Thanks so much LeahFaith. When's the next swap??

Thursday, 28 February 2008

My package arrived!!!

My package arrived and it was wonderful! Happy Feet sock yarn for happylady! It's a beautiful color and so is the Tofutsies. Yummy chocolates from Costa Rico.......tea to sooth the soul and some wonderful bath gels. Let's see, make a cup of tea, eat the candy and lay in the tub with my grand. Kristen was my swap angel and she lives up to the name. Thanks again!

Jane aka happylady (and I am!)

I just can't wait.......

I am so jealous!!!
I just can't believe how long postal delivery takes these days! I sent a Letter (!) airmail to Brasil 4 weeks ago, and it is still not received.
I don't want to wait 4 weeks for my parcel!!! Seing all these wonderful pictures makes me want mine NOW!
Waiting is the best and the worst about swapping, aint it......?

It's Christmas in February!! Thanks Sandi =)

The yarn is gorgeous and colorful--my camera did not capture the darker one justly--it has these shots of fuschia in with the blues and greens etc...And I love my teeny glass kitty!!! ...And the keychain sock blocker and patern!!! And everything!

If I didn't have a bad back, oh wouldn't I just be hopping up and down. :D

LOOOOOK what I´ve got in my mail today!

Me and my new babies... Don´t they look just like me, the skeins and I? ;0)

Thank you thank yooouuu Meghann!
I am so pleased!

Here you find her stuff! :0)

Look at the "black" skein from Socks That Rock, it isn´t just black; you can find blue, green and grey in "Corbie". How cool!

And the pink punky one...WOW! "Dream In Color Cool Fire" It is Meghanns own dyed! AND a compliment -Knitter´s Balm Sample... Orange Cream with Shea Butter...Cool! Smart! Perfect for my dry hands!

Then we have White Bluberrytea. Smells wonderful! Have to try this tonight! Let´s see..then we have...Eggcandy...hihi

A flowerybag to keep my sockthings in, a notebook, a sweet measure (gâteau), a smaller bag with lovely stitchmarkers.

Do I have to tell you all that I am sooo happy!!!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

E. of Seattle

OOOOH,OOOOH Hey I live due east of Seattle. Maybe I am the lucky recipient of such a pretty package. mary

Late!!! But on it's way!

It was fun putting this together...I just regret the delay that a bad back has caused...
It is on it's way.....east of the Seattle area. ;)

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Swap goodies received!

My package arrived! Jill, you sneak, you! ;) I'm brewing some tea right now, my chocolate is hidden in the fridge away from the kids (and my husband!LOL), my current WIP will be bathing in Eucalan when it's finished, and I am queueing up the sock patterns for my fabulous new yarn! Which will be knit with my new stitch markers and bamboo dpn's, of course. It was so exciting to open the box. I love everything that was in it, including the cute card. Thanks, Jill!

Got Mine!!!

Recieved my package in the mail today from the Toothfairy!!

Lots of wonderful goodies. It's as if she knows me!! I love the colors and choices of yarns. On the left is Shibui Knits in a rust/orange color and on the right is Lorna's Laces in purple/grey/mustard/rasberry color. I got a project bag, hot chocolate, chocolate carmels, sticky notes, hand cream and a black sheep tape measure. All wrapped up in beauiful paper and a personal note!!! Well done!!

This has been sooo much fun! Happy knitting to all

Package recieved!!!!

I got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from babyjenks.

2 skeins of Sox yarn from Berroco, one in a blue colorway (1477) and one in a multi (1424). I have a couple of patterns I've had my eye on that specify they do interesting things with self patterning yarn so now I have some - yippee!

Also inside:
A pretty green print project bag - just what I need to keep my supplies organized, just ask my husband! Felting needles and Clover circular needle point protectors. Yummy Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix and vanilla roll cookies. BTW the cookies are quite good dipped in the hot chocolate. Best of all a copy of Ana Paula Rimoli's Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet. I sat in bed last night and read through it, tons of cute patterns. And it got me inspired to finish my Amigurumi swap critter this morning.

Thank you so much!!!

Monday, 25 February 2008

Sock color

mmmmmm... This reminds me of the farmers market during the summer so my first name would be watermelon crush and my second would be strawberry fields. YUMMY!!!!!

greetings from Charm City

Here's my little package, all ready to post--sorry for the delay, I ordered something online and of course it took longer to arrive than expected. But everything's in order now, off to the post office bright and early tomorrow morning and on its way to the Sooner State . . .

box of JOY, on its way from sunny San Diego

I took a picture of its lovely contents, but I figure I should keep that a secret for is the box, which will be going out tomorrow (sorry for the delay!) to SOMEONE far, far away. I hope you love its contents as much as I do...some VERY special yarn is inside!

Contest guess

Definitely reminds me of the climbing roses that grew on the trellis in front of the house I lived in as a girl... my suggestion is "Climbing Rose"

Package Peek

Here is my swap partner shash package all wrap up ready to go. I sure hope she will like all  the yarn goodness in the box plus a whole bunch of other goodies. Enjoy!  

Ready for the next competition?

To all of you who didn't win the last competition..............don't be sad..............because here is another!

Tell me - what is the name of the lively yarn pictured above?

The best suggestion for a name for it wins the yarn - simple as that!

(Swap participants only)

Post your suggestions as a comment on this post before midnight on Wednesday and I will announce the winner on Friday of this week.

Each participant can have two guesses each!

Good luck!

And the winner is.........................

....................................Zozzy!!! Well done, girl!

Actually a few of you came very close with your guesses so I put the closest ones in the trusty chullo hat (which was still next to the computer!) and drew out Zozzy's name.

The yarn is called Sunbeam and is made up of dark and light oranges, yellows, rust, light pink and a touch of very light purple.

It was difficult to photograph as the light is so bad here today............................ fact, I went for these colours to cheer us up as we are all pretty much freezing our behinds off in this chilly weather!

Radiant's package!

Better late than never!

Here is the pic I took of the package I have sent to Radiant - I 'exposed' one item to whet your appetite but for the rest of the goodies you will just have to wait!!!!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

I Think the Color Will Be......

My guess for the new yarn color will be (definately) with touches of chocolate brown and cream.

(My package for my partner is almost ready......will post a picture soon and mail next week...I like many others got hit with that flu/cold stuff and have veg'd on the couch for the last few days. Ughh...)

Friday, 22 February 2008

the box is ready to ship!

my box is finally ready to ship off to newfpink!
we're getting dumped on with snow right now, so i don't think i'll make it to the post office until tomorrow, but it's coming!

i hope she likes her package!

(cat not included,she was just helping me pack!)

- baby jenks

Heading south ...

This box went out this afternoon. Going south of the border. I've laid low, so my partner has no clue. Hope she has as much fun unpacking as I had assembling and packing this box. Canada Post promised four business days. We'll see. hehehe

in Calgary AB Canada

LIVE: From..........

Binghamton, NY!!
This was sent out on Tuesday. The postman said that it should arrive in 7 days!!!
Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I've been in bed, sick!!
Hope my swap partner will like her package!!!
Enjoy, Sandi

Think hard, if you haven't already guessed.........

.................and get your guesses in by midnight on Saturday West Coast US time - only fair as I see midnight here in the UK before a lot of you do!!!!!

(Swap participants only!)

I will be announcing the winner on Monday and I will also be announcing a new competition for you swappers all to enter while you wait for partner's goodies to arrive. So you have two reasons to check the blog on Monday!

I'm loving the pictures you have been posting on the site of the packages you are sending out - good work!

I, myself will be adding my photos on here was just I couldn't find my camera anywhere in the house, I checked all the usual places, accused my husband of taking it and not putting it back, even checked through Beanie's toy boxes to see if it had ended up there. But there was no sign of it.

I resigned myself to buying a disposable camera and scanning in the developed images then what should happen but the camera turned the bottom of one my project bags during a knitting lesson I was giving a friend!

I told my husband and he was like: 'Well, I could have guessed it would be in there as all you ever do nowadays is take pictures of your knitting and post them on the internet..." Charming! I guess he is right though!

So expect another illustrated post from me later on today after I upload the pics!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Ready to ship

Hey, here is my box, all ready to go out tomorrow. The funny thing is, there's nothing in there from JoAnn's... I had so much fun putting this together, and I hope Jill Die likes it too! :)

Jen/yarnhoardinmama on Ravelry

Hi guys!

It's Aimee (toothfairy on Ravelry) and I just finished up putting together my package. I have had a lot of fun shopping for my pal and I am sad to send the package off. I want to save it for myself! I can't wait to see what everyone receives. Cheers!

on the way!!!

My package is on the way to............!!!!!

I hope that arrive as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

This is my guess for the competition!

Hi everybody :D
Sorry I had to create a new post for this--I couldn't figure out how to add a picture to a "comment"...
...anyway I found my crayons and this is my guess, the closest match I found for the colors I named in my comment to Charlie's competition post:

sky blue
Christmas red
pine green
old yellow
dusty pink


I would have to guess corals/ pinks. 2327mary

Competition time!!!!!!!

Hiya everyone!

It is good to see that everyone is really getting into the spirit of the swap and intriguing to see all your pictures!

But while you wait for your parcels - here is the first of two competitions for you!

As you probably know, I am really enthusiastic about dyeing my own yarn and I have just dyed up a yarn especially for one of you...........................the question is, who will it be?!

In order to win the yarn, all you need to do is guess what colours it is!!!!! Post your guesses as a comment on this post (one go each) and on Saturday I will announce the winner.

Just so you know - the yarn has several colours. I would be very surprised if anyone guessed exactly right but the person who guesses the closest takes the prize!

Be quick and get your guess in before someone else chooses the colours you were going to guess!!!

This competition is for swap participants only.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Peek a Boo

What fun this has been shopping for someone else! Goodies are purchased and will be packed and out the door tomorrow.  Flying it's way across the pond to it's new home. 
Here is a sneak peak preview of the contents. 

 The yarn is local, plus I added a little bit of this and a little bit of that...American Quirkiness. Think she will like it?  I wish I could be a fly on the wall when she opens the package!

Package on the way

My package is on the way to Charlie in the UK. Here is a little sneak peek....

Monday, 18 February 2008

I need a new box!

My box will be headed to Houston just as soon as the post office reopens tomorrow and I get a new box to send it in! Probably one of those nice ones that the post office has for sale. (hee, hee) Here's a quick peek, tho....
(Sorry about the dark pic... it's been rainy/snowy and dark all day)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Nanaknits, be ready!

I've sent you parsel. It is something rectangular, wrapped in paper, tied up by sotch tape. It is not very beautiful on the outside, but very interesting inside (I hope).

P.S. Sorry for my poor english one more time.

I'm done - Parcel is on it's way

Hey! Just did it! Finished packing last night and just brought the Parcel to the Postoffice. Shipping was killing me, but well, I knew that it wouldn't be cheap.

Since my Swap-Partner doesn't know about me, I thought I can give you a peek.......

Have fun!

Wanna have a peek? Haha!


The quantity of secrets is growing in my basket where I keep the goodies... Just have to find some more fun stuff... Haha... Just some more (biiiip) and... and maybe a little (biiiip)...
Wanna have a peek? My swapvictim know who she is... *lol*

Friday, 15 February 2008


Hey swappers,
I have got to tell you since I started knitting I have had an infatuation with sock yarn, I learned to knit socks two at a time on two circulars which was fun. However the LYS that I teach at just got the new 9" circular in from Hiyahiya so you can knit yours socks in the round, with no ladders. So I'm ripping my way through a sock with fly monarch yarn (love it). I am so looking forward to this swap I have my partners package almost although way done. I look forward to meeting you all. Have a great night, morning, or afternoon (depending on your timezone;)) Also I just discovered ravelry and my name is 2327mary.


Hey fellow sockers,
It is really funny I have always been addicted to sock yarn nad I have tried all the ways the LYS that I teach at teaches 2 socks at atime on circs.

Hello fellow Sock Knitters!

My nickname everywhere is Zozzy. Welcome to my blog It is written in Russian, but you can just view pictures:)

Happy swarping!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hello fellow Sock Knitters!

My ravelry name is Nanaknits21 and I blog at I love all kinds of knitting, but I think socks are my favorite. Stop by and drop a comment if you have time! I'm having fun with this swap. Yesterday I went to a LYS and had lots of fun looking at all the yummy sock yarn and picking something special for my partner. I have almost all of the other goodies for the box put together, too.

Happy knitting and swapping!


Hello Fellow Swappers!

I am so excited about this swap!! It's my first and I'm having a great time. It is just like Christmas!! I have just about everything ready to go, just waiting for an online order to arrive with a few more goodies.

My Ravelry name is twiggi34 and I linked it to my blog.

Can't wait to see photos.


IS everyone getting excited about the swap? I'm going to spend the weekend having a good old look around to try and find the best. For those that would like to know I'm glamgirl on Ravelry

cheers Helen

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Hi everyone my name is Cindy and I can be found on ravelry and at blogspot I am really excited about being part of this exchange I have had so much fun getting my partners goodies together. 

Hi Fellow Sock Knitters!

Just wanted to stop by and tell you my Ravelry name and my blogspot! My Ravelry name is iwcquilts and my blogspot is

I just love to knit socks....always have at least 2 or three on the needles. I love all types of patterns and colors. Right now I am working on my first lace shawl. It is trying and frustrating at times, but I am really happy with the results so far.

Happy knitting to all and I look forward to sending my partner her package!

Ravelry name

Hi, for whoever needs to know :), my Ravelry name is yarnhoardinmama. I'm waiting for a few things and then I will take a pic of my sealed box and post it. :)

my name

Hey, I'm Valeria, but my name on Ravelry is "berny". I have a blog and the name is I wait for your visit. Sorry for my English!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Carolyn, aka CottonTheAct on Ravelry. Long live knitting! Yarns! and Swapping! :)

What is your Ravelry name?

Hi there,

If you are on Ravelry, please post your name on here - that way your partner can 'stalk' you and get an idea of your likes and dislikes yarnwise!

Anyone still not got their partner info?

Hi there!

Had a crazy few days here - but I think I am finally back on top of things again!

I have resent the emails to those who did not get their partner info the first time round and Berny, I have sent you yours again!!

I am going to post the swap requirements in the left hand column of the blog this evening and once again, here is a reminder - keep your eyes glued to the blog for a competition.................

What do we swap...? :o)

Hi there,
since the swap is no longer on Swap-bot, I'm not sure what we should pack into our Swap parcels. Charlie, could you please list it again? I don't want to dissapoint my Swap-Partner, just because I'm oblivious.....

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

help me!!!

Sorry Charlie, ma dopo che ti ho risposto di aver ricevuto la tua mail la ho cancellata. Sono un disastro. Potresti rimandarmela????? Grazie mille!!! Thanks a lot!!! Muchas gracias!!!! Baci, Valeria

Monday, 11 February 2008

Don't Panic!


I have had a few panicked emails from participants after recieving the swap-bot swap cancellation email..............DON'T PANIC!

The swap IS still on!

But I was having problems assigning partners through swap-bot so I cancelled the swap on there and decided to assign all partners manually.

This means you will be getting an email directly from me informing you of your swap partner's details..................I have sent out 75% of the emails but still have some to send.

If you have not recieved your email containing your swap partner's details in 24 hours time, let me know and I will resend it to you.

I hope this clears things up but if you have any problems or questions just email me!!

Belated Intro

Hello everybody, I know I'm late in introducing myself, sorry for that.
My name is Melanie, I'm a 33 Year old Stay-at-home-Mum of a cute little boy and live in the beautyful Rhinevalley in Germany. I'm a sockknitter for about 15 Years now, most time I knit socks to sell them for a local Charity, or to give them to dear friends. I only kept about three or four pairs for myself, as we say in Germany: The Cobblers Sons walk barefoot....
But I sure will keep the ones I will knit from our Swap Yarn! Can't wait to find out about my Swap-Partner and make a great Package for her!
Regards from Germany,

blond moment

sorry all, i accidently posted my personal blog post to this blog a minute ago--all fixed now, please ignore my idiocy. can't wait for the swappin' fun to begin! ~ kristen from baltimore

Your partner has been assigned to you!

Look out for an email from me with your partners details.................and please email me to let me know that you received it okay.

The picture is the hat and scraps of paper I resorted to in order to assign partners after having problems with swap-bot!!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Get will be revealed shortly!

Hiya everyone!

Just to let you know I am trying to get your swap partner info to you asap BUT having a problem logging into swap-bot!! Not sure if any of you are having the same problem?

If this is not fixed by tomorrow afternoon I will assign the partners manually and email you all individually!

Will keep you all posted!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Sweden calling!

Hi, Klara aka Kristallklara (Ravelry) here! :0)
Greetings from Sweden, Åkersberga, 3 miles from Stockholm city, without snow... but soooo excited for this swap!

Friday, 8 February 2008


I'm just dropping a line to introduce myself. I'm in the US, in the NC mountains. I LOVE sock yarn so I can't wait to get my partner and shop for some yummy sock yarn! This will be huge fun!

With love from Italy!!!

Hey, sorry for my bad bad English!!! I'm Valeria (berny on ravelry), and I'm from Levanto, a little town near 5 terre, in Liguria. I start to knit socks 1 month ago and I love it. Now I knit only socks!!! For me, for my husband and for my two sons (17 Fabio and 3 Andrea)!!! Whit love from Italy!!! Valeria

Sheffield Calling

Hello, I'm Helen and I currently live in the lovely land of Sheffield.
This is going to be my first knitting swap and I'm really looking forward to it - spent the morning trawling through my LYS to see what they had. Boy was my hand itching to get to some of the lovely yarns on offer. I'm easing myself back into knitting after a time away and am really looking forward to getting to know others out there.
Take care

hey there sockers,

my name is sabe (rhymes with maybe) and i live in boston, ma u.s.a
i'm currently working on my first pair of socks and enjoying it a lot! this is my first swap and i'm really excited about it. :) i'm knitting these socks on dp needles top down, but i'm looking forward to trying toe up and the "magic needle" methods.
ciao for now! sabe

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Greetings from Russia :))

Hello everyone!
I'm Zoya from Russia. I live with my husband and a son 2 years old. I like to knit very much. I'm crazy about knitting since my 10 years approximately.
I'm well grounded in sock knitting. But I've never knitted socks. Don't ask me why. I don't know:)
I hope this swap will make me to do my first socks and I will grow fond of that.

Hello Sockers From Grayslake IL

Hello all!!

I am a long time knitter from Illinois USA. I started making socks about three years ago and have been addicted to them ever since. I have always been a freak for the freaky sock and wish I had taken the plunge years ago learning how to knit them.

My mom used to knit socks for the war effort (WWI) for troups, so by the time I came along she never knit another sock. She always told me the green wool they used was scratchy and ugly, so once the war was over she never made another one. She would be amazed by sock yarn today!

I am natred2 on Ravelry and spending waaaaay too much time there. I have been watching the Hat Attack with some interest but not ready to dive into that particular game. It makes for good reading on those slow nights at work though.

I work as a 911 dispatcher and socks are the only variation I can make to my uniform and retain my special brand of quirkiness while still maintaining the outward public professional image ;)

I am currently working on my first toe up sock and really liking the process. I usually have a sock on the needles, they are the absolute best take along project and can be nicely smuggled into work in my lunch box. This is my first swap and I am really looking forward to it!

Have you done your profile on Swap-bot?

Hi there,

We are now up to 28 members on the swap and I have put date the actually swap date by a week so you now have two weeks, instead of one to put your partner's package together once you learn who you are making a package for.

Make sure you have completed the profile section on the swap-bot website - all participants MUST have a completed profile or they will be removed from the swap.

Sorry to be harsh but it is only fair!

Okay - I'll take off my bossy hat now!


This is nothing to do with the sock yarn swap - but I couldn't resist posting about it as I thought some you may be interested in hearing about Hat Attack organised by the GeekCraft group on Ravelry.

Think Sock Wars but with a cable detailed hat instead.....................can you finish your hat and get it to your target before your assassin gets their hat to you?!

There's over 300 people already signed up so it should mean hats popping up on all corners of the globe!

Here is the Ravelry group page with all the details - but be quick!! Sign ups end TODAY!!!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Hello From Massachusetts

Hi everyone! My name is Meghann and I live in Massachusetts with my hubby, our two young kiddos, and a rather large amount of sock yarn:) I've been knitting for a while now....started when I was in college, gave it up for a bit and then started again after my daughter was born. I started knitting socks about 18 months ago and have been addicted since the first pair. I love patterned socks, but lately have been on a bit of a plain sock binge and enjoying all the great varigated yarns!


Hi! I am Maya from Houston TX. I adore knitting socks and shopping for other knitters. Any excuse to shop for yarn.... I travel often and socks are THE best portable project! I can hardly wait to be paired up!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Iva and I am from Fredericksburg, VA! I love to knit socks! I can easily work on them anywhere. I currently work for the Federal Govt. in Washington DC and I commute each day on the train from Fredericksburg. I get a lot done...reading, knitting or the most important thing sleeping! I am a grandma..a very young 56 year old grandma! I live alone, but still search for my almost perfect....LOL. I always have several projects going and this includes my love for knitting. My blog is and my ravelry site name is iwcquilts. I am still working on my ravelry site so done be disappointed when you visit. Will hopefully have more on it in the next few weeks. I am spending too much time reading others! I look forward to everyones postings!


Hi, I'm Denise aka Nanaknits (Nanaknits21 on Ravelry). I'm recently retired and live in Gurnee, IL with my husband and 2 cats. You can check out my blog here. I have been knitting for a long time and am especially fond of knitting socks. I love the portability and utility and of course with all the wonderful patterns around you can make much prettier socks than can be bought anywhere. This swap sounds fun and since I'm already doing a couple KAL's I thought it would be a good change of pace. Glad to meet you all!

Hello Fellow Sockers

I'm 5elementknitr (same name on Ravelry and my blog), aka Ruth.

I have yet to actually complete a sock, but have about 20 skeins of sock yarn. I tried to do the Knit From Stash Only thing last year, but they gave the out of being able to buy sock yarn. Then I discovered hand-dyed sock yarn and I kept falling down the stash stairs at Etsy. So many wonderful indie dyers out there!

Should we give preferences here?

Colors - I prefer jewel tones. I don't care for orange, yellow or purple. Don't care for pastels. But, truthfully, I'm up for anything. I'm in lots of swaps and if I get something I won't use, I just pass it on!

This is going to be fun, Ruth!

Find yourself on the map!


Sign ups are going well........there is now 22 people taking part!

Keep the introductions coming - it is great to hear from you all!

I have added a google map to the bottom of the blog - it would not sit tidyly at the side!

Each person should have their own pin - check it out and also see where everyone else is!

Monday, 4 February 2008

I'm Jen from Michigan. I'm 34 and have 3 daughters and a husband of 8 years. I love the sock yarn and components of the swap, as I have recently become addicted to sock knitting, but I think it's awesome to include the snacks and drinks and stuff too. I'm still trying to convince my hubby to "let" me knit him a pair of socks. We are compromising with felted slippers. :) I love getting packages in the mail, and it is so fun to send them, that I can't wait! My blog is here. Let's all have fun!

Yay, socks!

I'm Helena, from San Diego. I keep a couple of blogs, most notably sanctimony, which is my personal blog, and more recently cleverknits, a new knitting blog and collaboration with my best friend (also a knitter). On Ravelry I am also cleverknits.

I'm super excited about this swap, and I LOVE how the rules include fun non-knitting objects as well!

One weird quirk of mine: I HATE purple, and I am allergic to angora (not that I've ever seen angora sock yarn, but you never know!) so whoever has me as their swappee, please don't send me anything purple or angora.

Stopping by to say Hello

I'm Carola, from Sweden and I love to swap. Only recently have I started knitting socks, but I just visited a friend today and fell head over heels in love with some of her sock yarns and I thought. I want! :)

So when the invite showed up at a group on Ravelry, I jumped on it.

I'm 37 years old, living with my husband and our cats. I love to crochet and knit, and putting together a swap package is awesome!



I'm Molly from Maryland (USA) and I'm a compulsive sock knitter. I nearly always have a pair on the needles since they are so portable. Right now I'm working on the Cookie A Flicker Pattern. Almost done the first sock. Yarn & pattern came from another Swap-bot sock knitting swap.

Thanks for the invite to join Charlie!

Good on you!

Thanks to those of you who have already joined up!

And if you are thinking about it - go for it!

I will be emailing invites to all signed up members to join the blog as a contributor in the near future so when you get this please take five mins to post a 'hello' message saying who you are and where you are from!

Saturday, 2 February 2008


Come to the sock knitters of the world unite and swap blog!

A bit of a mouthful but the title should say it all!

This is the blog for all those taking part in the Sock knitters of the World Unite and Swap, swap (!) on

Join up, come in and introduce yourselves.....................and fill this blog with pics of the lovely sock yarn you find on your doorstep!!!