Monday, 11 February 2008

Your partner has been assigned to you!

Look out for an email from me with your partners details.................and please email me to let me know that you received it okay.

The picture is the hat and scraps of paper I resorted to in order to assign partners after having problems with swap-bot!!!


Mama Crow said...

I'm confused - I got an e-mail from swap-bot this morning telling me the swap had been canceled by the administrator. And I can't find the listing anymore on swap-bot. Hopefully this isn't the case.

But, since I'm heading out of town on Saturday, I'm hoping we get our partner info soon, since I only have a few days to put my package together. Thanks.

Carol said...

OK, got your first email, Charlie, saying swap-bot is out of the picture.

I'm looking forward to finding what those awesome hats have decreed for me! Thanks for doing this for us. :)

~Carolyn (CottonTheAct on Ravelry)

Jill said...

I also got the cancel e-mail. Is it true? If so, bummer. If not, I haven't received an e-mail with my partner listed.

Charlie Chuckles said...

Hiya everyone!

The swap has not been cancelled just moved from swap-bot due to technical difficulties!

I have emailed everyone to let them know and I am in the process of emailing everyone with their swap partner's details.

If you do not get these within the next 24 hours - email me!