Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Hello Fellow Sockers

I'm 5elementknitr (same name on Ravelry and my blog), aka Ruth.

I have yet to actually complete a sock, but have about 20 skeins of sock yarn. I tried to do the Knit From Stash Only thing last year, but they gave the out of being able to buy sock yarn. Then I discovered hand-dyed sock yarn and I kept falling down the stash stairs at Etsy. So many wonderful indie dyers out there!

Should we give preferences here?

Colors - I prefer jewel tones. I don't care for orange, yellow or purple. Don't care for pastels. But, truthfully, I'm up for anything. I'm in lots of swaps and if I get something I won't use, I just pass it on!

This is going to be fun, Ruth!

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