Friday, 22 February 2008

Think hard, if you haven't already guessed.........

.................and get your guesses in by midnight on Saturday West Coast US time - only fair as I see midnight here in the UK before a lot of you do!!!!!

(Swap participants only!)

I will be announcing the winner on Monday and I will also be announcing a new competition for you swappers all to enter while you wait for partner's goodies to arrive. So you have two reasons to check the blog on Monday!

I'm loving the pictures you have been posting on the site of the packages you are sending out - good work!

I, myself will be adding my photos on here was just I couldn't find my camera anywhere in the house, I checked all the usual places, accused my husband of taking it and not putting it back, even checked through Beanie's toy boxes to see if it had ended up there. But there was no sign of it.

I resigned myself to buying a disposable camera and scanning in the developed images then what should happen but the camera turned the bottom of one my project bags during a knitting lesson I was giving a friend!

I told my husband and he was like: 'Well, I could have guessed it would be in there as all you ever do nowadays is take pictures of your knitting and post them on the internet..." Charming! I guess he is right though!

So expect another illustrated post from me later on today after I upload the pics!

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