Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I got my package

Yesterday, this lovely package was waiting for me in the mail!

Sockyarn, recipes for socks, a miniature sock blocker, a nice little purse, really cute mask markers and som delicious chocolate pearls was inside!

Thankyou so much, B!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Hi.....sorry I have been away.....

Hi Guys,

Sorry I have been absent of late. There has been some serious problems at home that have taken up most of my time but I have not forgotten you all!

I know there are still some people waiting on their packages and decided to give it a couple more weeks to see if it was just a sluggish postal system to blame or that some people were snowed under and had actually received their packages but had not had chance to post about them.

However, I do think that enough time has passed to allow for postal delays and I am going to start chasing up the missing packages.

Most of you have been great and posted when you have recieved your package to just to be sure I am going to contact everyone taking part in the swap this week to check their situation.

I hope this helps!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Where is Charlie?

I sent my upstream pal (5elementknitr) a box of some spiffy things from my stash, because the treasures she sent me were so wonderful, I couldn't stand her being left in the lurch by HER upstream pal.

I can't help but wonder...where is Charlie and why isn't she dealing with these delinquent swappers? I can understand a delay of a few days, or a few weeks with explanation (e.g. the package is en route from Antarctica and the mail only gets picked up there once a month), but all this is extra sad since there are no ramifications for not sending the package.

And why aren't the delinquent knitters speaking up to defend themselves?

No Package Yet

Hey guys,
I too am feeling the pain of checking my porch each day for my package but, to no avail nothing as of yet. My swap partner has emailed twice saying that she would send it the following week. Hopefully this will be the week. I put a lot of time and effort into my partners package and mailed it ahead of time. My partner has promised me great things lets keep our fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Hi guys,

It's toothfairy (Aimee) from Michigan. I haven't had any word from my swap buddy :( I had the best time sending stuff to twiggy (Sandi) but I am still waiting for my goodies. I am hoping that my pal lives in a really exotic location and that my package is on its way on the back of little gnome. Anyone out there?


Postal troubles? Or...?

Hi all -- I'm posting this on behalf of my upstream pal, 5elementknitr, who seems to be having trouble posting to the blog. She sent me such a WONDERFUL package, but unfortunately the package SHE received was not so stellar. Here is her message:


"Hi! It's 5elementknitr. Great swap! I got my package today. I've had problems with my post office in the past but this time they've gone too far!

They ate my snacks, drank my drinks AND stole one of the skeins of yarn!


I'm sure it was an oversight on the part of my upstream partner, Luanda, but it's a little disappointing and I don't have her email to ask her what happened."

Monday, 17 March 2008

Holidays go on!!!

I received one more package today! Thank you Charlie for the beautiful yarn and for the invitation to this swarp!
One of my Ravelry Friends says "Someone has been a very good girl for Santa to bring her presents this time of the year!" May be it is the truth? :)

Saturday, 15 March 2008

bad, bad swapper!

I've been a horrible swapper this week! I received my package earlier this week from Charlie and it was AWESOME! It actually arrived last week, but we were in Maine visiting my family, so I got it on Sunday when I got back. The kiddos have been sick all week and I kept meaning to take pictures, but haven't had a chance so I'm posting sans pictures.

I got some lovely yarn, including on of Charlie's own hand-dyes. I love both!!! Stitch markers, some awesome magazines, candy, shortbread cookies (yum!!!), and tea.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and sorry I didn't post sooner!!!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

And I am happy today!

Today was wonderful day! The parcel arrived! I like each thing pulled out of package!The yarn are very soft! Colors are the goods!
The tiny cake is nice.
My son was very glad to get a shaggy frog:) Russian frogs croak like this "kwa-kwa". And how do they croak in your country?
The bracelet made by my partners is very pleasant. Some beads look appetizing (like candy).
Of course I like the needels and hooks. And many-colored stitch markers should be very convenient and useful.
The chocolate with curry and coconut is great! Unusual for me and tasty! Dark chocolate I will taste later. Prolong the pleasure:) And also the tea... Yummy

Thank you Holly!

My package came!!!

Booyah! What a treat!! Thank you Maya (willtravel4yarn)!!! 

Maya sent me the most squishy soft Peruvian alpaca yarn in a lovely earthy brown. I will be thinking long and hard about which project to use this yarn for. I think it will require a special pattern. It is far too yummy for for a plain ole sock. She also me a beautiful handpainted yarn in blues!  The cutest little zippered bag for the adorable stitch markers that were included in the package. All of that secreted away inside yet another little zippered bag with the cutest hearts along with a handful of coupons for some most excellent cyber shopping!! The best part was the bag of Brazilian coffee which I have been indulging in since yesterday!!  Coffee is my all time favorite drink!! Thank you so much Maya, you did some terrific cyber stalking. 

My daughter happened to be visiting when my package came and I let her have the fun of pulling out all of the goodies since she was here for the out going package . It was like Christmas! Except I rarely get anything fiber related for Christmas so this was even better. I think she was a little envious ;) She told me that I am a spoiled brat...LOL

WWWOOOWWW!!! Cristhmas!!!

Yesterday I received my package from Helena ( cleverknits)!!! Fantastic!!!

She send to me same bamboo yarn!!! I never see before!! And angora wool, little bamboo needles, bamboo crachet hook, (I love bamboo!!!), point protector!!!
Any more....., peppermint candy and soap, tea and brownie mix!!!!!

I haven't word to tell you THANK YOU HELENA!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Yay, yay yay!

Mine came today!

My package from Zozzy in Russia arrived. It actually got here Saturday, but we were out when the mailman came by and because it needed to be signed for, he just left a slip in our box. I went to the PO today and picked it up. Look at the goodies she sent!

Some beautiful periwinkle colored yarn, coffee, chocolate (looks like dark and with almonds) I’ll be taste testing that soon. There was also a row counter and knitting gauge with metric conversions which I really needed a spoon, postcards, calendar and magnet with scenery from in and around St. Petersburg. Yay, yay yay!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

I did not received yet my package, sighhhhhh, and I don't know if my swap partner Minnesotaknitter received mine, because she did not write on this blog and neither on Ravelry.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Parcel arrived!

I got home Thursday night and found a parcel hidden behind the snow shovel on my front step. Whoohoo! When I opened it up, I found the wonderful things that Glamgirl sent me. A skein of Colinette Jitterbug yarn (turquoise and dark blues and just drop-dead gorgeous!) a skein of Araucania Ranco in rusts, browns and a bit of turquoise (and equally gorgeous), a lovely felted project bag in purple, a set of bamboo needles, coffee, candies, a sheep tape measure and a lovely makeup bag with makeup. Such wonderful loot!
Thanks so much, Glamgirl. I just love everything you sent. Oh, a couple of the makeup items are missing from the picture. My daughter nabbed them. I tried to fight her off, honest. lol

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Woohoo, got mine!

And it is such a great package! Look and those treasures:

Thank you so much Jill, this is like you knew me for ages! Look at this fabulous red Yarn! I could just look at it the rest of the day! And the nice little book with those colourful sockpatterns! Not forget to mention this Chocolateheaven: Hot Chocolate (wich my son adviced me to try right away...) and two bars of hersheys Chocolate (didn't survive the first day). A Martha Stewart Magazin, wich I really appreciate, a Knitters First Aid Kit, a whole bunch of Kool-Aid to dye Yarn with, a little fancy cake measuring tape (wich is made in a self-help project in Vietnam, I really appreciate that!) and the coolest Sockwool ever: Flat Feet! Its a ready knitted cloth wich is dyed afterwards. I now knit the socks right from the blanket, just unravel it while knitting! Aint that cool?

By the way, Jakob enjoys the measuring tape even more than the chocolate, last time I saw him, he was pulling it through the house like it was a dog on a leash, and he insistently refused to return it.....

Thank you sooooooo much Jill, I feel so spoiled and you truly made my day! Everything is just WUNDERBAR! I only pitty that this isn't officially on Swapbot, I would give you thousand hearts for that if I could! And of course Charlie would deserve stars for this Swap, no Question!

Goodies and yarn - my favourite

I got my parcel from mary and you are a complete star
I love all of it and that wee little circular needle is going to be such fun. Thank you for spoiling me and I promise that I shall knit lovely things with them.

'Heavenly' doesn't BEGIN to describe...

Swaps are always a gamble, because you never really know what you're going to get until it arrives; you can put all the care in the world into the package you are to send downstream, but if the person assigned to you is a lazy jerk, then it really sucks to be you.

I am OH SO FORTUNATE that Ruth is the world's most amazing swap pal! I checked my post office box last night and was delighted to find a marvelous little box STUFFED with wonderful goodness.

THREE skeins of yarn, jewley stitch markers and a sock-sized "stitch saver" (which came in a darling little tin), an ADORABLE little bird mirror, and a tiny sheep (who wandered out of the picture...silly sheep)! And coffee ( and a super trail mix. The blues and greens and plums and teals remind me of a jitterbug yarn I saw a few days ago, which I ALMOST bought, which I think must have been 'dusk' but I'm not entirely sure. And the orangey red yarn on the right is so lovely, too!

I am so giddy with delight that I cannot come up with better adjectives than 'lovely' and 'marvelous' and 'delightful' and 'adorable' and 'wonderful.' And the package is ALL of these things, and more.

Ruth, you are a treasure. I am so lucky you are my swap pal, and I can only hope my downstream pal appreciates me HALF as much.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

package received (last week, i'm running behind!)

i'm finally getting around to posting about the package i received last week.
my favorite thing is the stitch markers made with pretty beads, did you make them snowmoon3?

thank you for my package!
sabe (babyjenks)

Monday, 3 March 2008

And the winner is...............................

.................Kristallklara with Wild Strawberry Mint Rock!

Well done Klara! I'll put it in the post to you tomorrow!!

I'll tell you what! You lot are great at coming up with names for yarns, judging this was quite tough as there was some great suggestions, you are obviously a very imaginative bunch!

And because I have enjoyed holding these little competitions so much I think I will make naming yarn contests a regular thing! What do you think?!

I've been truly spoilt rotten!!!!

Hiya folks!

Sorry for the lack of communication over the last few internet at all!

It felt like I had had a part of me removed!

If you are going to take something from me - take my bingo wings, my thunder thighs or my muffin top but please don't take my internet access!!!

Anyhoo, it is now fixed so I have a few things to say....

............firstly, HOW LUCKY AM I?! I got my package from Molly (Newfpink) and she totally spoiled me! Thanks a million Molly! It is like you completely know me!

I don't know where to start! Molly's package included some really lush yarn that she had dyed herself.....the first one was lovely soft pinks - already know that that yarn is for some special socks for me (everyone else can wait for once! All I do is knit socks for everyone and their dog, I never get a pair!)

The second yarn is also fantastic and I love its name: "Good friends don't let friends knit drunk"! It is a lovely red wine colour - absolutely genius name!

Also in the package was some yummy chocolate which I'm struggling to ration, some Japanese green tea - just the thing on a day like this!, some stitch markers, needle binders, sticky notes - very useful for scatter brain knitters like me! and a hand knitted wine cozy which I adore. The colours are wicked!

All these goodies came inside a lovely red bag which I will be showing off down my knitting club this evening!

I have been dying to post pics up of all this loveliness for days - Thanks again Molly - I salute you!!!!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Absolutely Swap Extreme Goodness

How absolutely lucky I am! I have to admit I am so spoiled... just look what at what I received from LynnK one is local Canadian yarn and the other is from Calgary. I can say I already divided each skein into two and wound into centerpull cakes.  Look at the gourmet chocolates one milk and the other dark in my initials sweet and already bitten into, smile! Simply Knitting Magazine that is  has way too many pattern in it that I already  feel in love with. Lynn put so much thought into spoiling me wow I am speechless!  Thank you Lynn   

hurrah! the yarn has landed!

I got my wonderful package full of goodies from Carolyn yesterday! Yay!

In addition to some gorgeous yarn, tasty treats, adorable knitting accessories and a very thoughtful travel journal, Carolyn (and Gizmo) also sent me some catnip for my very spoiled kitties. Here's a photo of Nelly enjoying her 'nip, I think she approves:

Thanks again so much, Carolyn!!! (Andy, Nelly and Dory send their thanks, too!)