Monday, 10 March 2008

Yay, yay yay!

Mine came today!

My package from Zozzy in Russia arrived. It actually got here Saturday, but we were out when the mailman came by and because it needed to be signed for, he just left a slip in our box. I went to the PO today and picked it up. Look at the goodies she sent!

Some beautiful periwinkle colored yarn, coffee, chocolate (looks like dark and with almonds) I’ll be taste testing that soon. There was also a row counter and knitting gauge with metric conversions which I really needed a spoon, postcards, calendar and magnet with scenery from in and around St. Petersburg. Yay, yay yay!

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Zozzy said...

I'm so glad about you received the package at last! Because I was a bit nervous about its fate.