Thursday, 13 March 2008

And I am happy today!

Today was wonderful day! The parcel arrived! I like each thing pulled out of package!The yarn are very soft! Colors are the goods!
The tiny cake is nice.
My son was very glad to get a shaggy frog:) Russian frogs croak like this "kwa-kwa". And how do they croak in your country?
The bracelet made by my partners is very pleasant. Some beads look appetizing (like candy).
Of course I like the needels and hooks. And many-colored stitch markers should be very convenient and useful.
The chocolate with curry and coconut is great! Unusual for me and tasty! Dark chocolate I will taste later. Prolong the pleasure:) And also the tea... Yummy

Thank you Holly!

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Mello said...

German Froggys say "Quack Quack" (pronounce like >Kwuc<)