Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Woohoo, got mine!

And it is such a great package! Look and those treasures:

Thank you so much Jill, this is like you knew me for ages! Look at this fabulous red Yarn! I could just look at it the rest of the day! And the nice little book with those colourful sockpatterns! Not forget to mention this Chocolateheaven: Hot Chocolate (wich my son adviced me to try right away...) and two bars of hersheys Chocolate (didn't survive the first day). A Martha Stewart Magazin, wich I really appreciate, a Knitters First Aid Kit, a whole bunch of Kool-Aid to dye Yarn with, a little fancy cake measuring tape (wich is made in a self-help project in Vietnam, I really appreciate that!) and the coolest Sockwool ever: Flat Feet! Its a ready knitted cloth wich is dyed afterwards. I now knit the socks right from the blanket, just unravel it while knitting! Aint that cool?

By the way, Jakob enjoys the measuring tape even more than the chocolate, last time I saw him, he was pulling it through the house like it was a dog on a leash, and he insistently refused to return it.....

Thank you sooooooo much Jill, I feel so spoiled and you truly made my day! Everything is just WUNDERBAR! I only pitty that this isn't officially on Swapbot, I would give you thousand hearts for that if I could! And of course Charlie would deserve stars for this Swap, no Question!


Shash said...

I love the Flat Feet sock yarn--is there a website on it??

Mello said...

Hi Shash,
yes there was a website mentioned:
and you can find a lot of cool Pics there, too. There is also a retailer-list and online-retailers, too.
Hope that helps you out!