Monday, 3 March 2008

I've been truly spoilt rotten!!!!

Hiya folks!

Sorry for the lack of communication over the last few internet at all!

It felt like I had had a part of me removed!

If you are going to take something from me - take my bingo wings, my thunder thighs or my muffin top but please don't take my internet access!!!

Anyhoo, it is now fixed so I have a few things to say....

............firstly, HOW LUCKY AM I?! I got my package from Molly (Newfpink) and she totally spoiled me! Thanks a million Molly! It is like you completely know me!

I don't know where to start! Molly's package included some really lush yarn that she had dyed herself.....the first one was lovely soft pinks - already know that that yarn is for some special socks for me (everyone else can wait for once! All I do is knit socks for everyone and their dog, I never get a pair!)

The second yarn is also fantastic and I love its name: "Good friends don't let friends knit drunk"! It is a lovely red wine colour - absolutely genius name!

Also in the package was some yummy chocolate which I'm struggling to ration, some Japanese green tea - just the thing on a day like this!, some stitch markers, needle binders, sticky notes - very useful for scatter brain knitters like me! and a hand knitted wine cozy which I adore. The colours are wicked!

All these goodies came inside a lovely red bag which I will be showing off down my knitting club this evening!

I have been dying to post pics up of all this loveliness for days - Thanks again Molly - I salute you!!!!

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