Wednesday, 5 March 2008

'Heavenly' doesn't BEGIN to describe...

Swaps are always a gamble, because you never really know what you're going to get until it arrives; you can put all the care in the world into the package you are to send downstream, but if the person assigned to you is a lazy jerk, then it really sucks to be you.

I am OH SO FORTUNATE that Ruth is the world's most amazing swap pal! I checked my post office box last night and was delighted to find a marvelous little box STUFFED with wonderful goodness.

THREE skeins of yarn, jewley stitch markers and a sock-sized "stitch saver" (which came in a darling little tin), an ADORABLE little bird mirror, and a tiny sheep (who wandered out of the picture...silly sheep)! And coffee ( and a super trail mix. The blues and greens and plums and teals remind me of a jitterbug yarn I saw a few days ago, which I ALMOST bought, which I think must have been 'dusk' but I'm not entirely sure. And the orangey red yarn on the right is so lovely, too!

I am so giddy with delight that I cannot come up with better adjectives than 'lovely' and 'marvelous' and 'delightful' and 'adorable' and 'wonderful.' And the package is ALL of these things, and more.

Ruth, you are a treasure. I am so lucky you are my swap pal, and I can only hope my downstream pal appreciates me HALF as much.


Jen said...

What if the "lazy" partner tried really hard, and honestly thought they were sending cool stuff, and just didn't hit the mark? :) It can be tough to send just the right things, although it looks like most of us are very happy. I know I am.

5elementknitr said...

I was flipping through the pictures on this blog and thought, oooh! I love the colors in this post! Then I realized it was from me! haha

The mirror is from one of my favorite Etsy sellers: annejulie.

Glad you liked everything!