Thursday, 13 March 2008

My package came!!!

Booyah! What a treat!! Thank you Maya (willtravel4yarn)!!! 

Maya sent me the most squishy soft Peruvian alpaca yarn in a lovely earthy brown. I will be thinking long and hard about which project to use this yarn for. I think it will require a special pattern. It is far too yummy for for a plain ole sock. She also me a beautiful handpainted yarn in blues!  The cutest little zippered bag for the adorable stitch markers that were included in the package. All of that secreted away inside yet another little zippered bag with the cutest hearts along with a handful of coupons for some most excellent cyber shopping!! The best part was the bag of Brazilian coffee which I have been indulging in since yesterday!!  Coffee is my all time favorite drink!! Thank you so much Maya, you did some terrific cyber stalking. 

My daughter happened to be visiting when my package came and I let her have the fun of pulling out all of the goodies since she was here for the out going package . It was like Christmas! Except I rarely get anything fiber related for Christmas so this was even better. I think she was a little envious ;) She told me that I am a spoiled brat...LOL

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