Thursday, 28 February 2008

LOOOOOK what I´ve got in my mail today!

Me and my new babies... Don´t they look just like me, the skeins and I? ;0)

Thank you thank yooouuu Meghann!
I am so pleased!

Here you find her stuff! :0)

Look at the "black" skein from Socks That Rock, it isn´t just black; you can find blue, green and grey in "Corbie". How cool!

And the pink punky one...WOW! "Dream In Color Cool Fire" It is Meghanns own dyed! AND a compliment -Knitter´s Balm Sample... Orange Cream with Shea Butter...Cool! Smart! Perfect for my dry hands!

Then we have White Bluberrytea. Smells wonderful! Have to try this tonight! Let´s see..then we have...Eggcandy...hihi

A flowerybag to keep my sockthings in, a notebook, a sweet measure (gâteau), a smaller bag with lovely stitchmarkers.

Do I have to tell you all that I am sooo happy!!!!

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