Thursday, 3 April 2008

World's weirdest request

I know some of the yarns we received will be stashed for all eternity, and others may be re-gifted to friends, and other still may become things other than socks. But I was thinking, it would be neat if we each posted photos of the things we made out of our global sock-knitters yarn, if and when we do finally get around to making something out of it, since the blog doesn't ever expire.

If I ever get around to making something from my yarn, I certainly will post photos!


nanaknits said...

I think that is an excellent idea!

Mello said...

To keep it weird: I just love the yarn I was spoiled with, so I decided to keep it for a very special pair of socks. When I was expecting my little son, I was reading everywhere, that I should take warm socks with me to the hospital, as my feet will turn damn cold underneath the birth. So I bought the worlds most beautiful Yarn and made myself a pair of "Birth-Socks". Now that I have this Yarn, I decided to keep it to make the second pair of Birth-Socks, for the birth of my second child. And here it is where the weirdness comes in: I'm not even Pregnant yet :o)
So the Yarn is sealed in a plasticbag waiting for the big day.....but I will definetly post Photos!